Role Model + Starting to Read

In the summer vacation I read the whole Harry Potter book series for the first time. I was so inspired by Hermione Grangers academic and scholar abilities that I decided to try to adapt her productivity and approaches to learning.

That being said, I am also starting to read more books and I am maybe going to start writing reviews. Who knows?

Opal J


Favorite Photos of 2016

I love photography and these were just some of the many pictures I took in 2016.


(Jupiter through a telescope)

Opal J

Why I prefer to be alone…

Usually when I say this, people associate it with the words anit-social, an outcast, and even friendless. The truth is that I love the feeling of being alone. No one talks to me, no one cares about what I do, and I am able to do my own thing. I may be sound like an asshole but it’s the truth.

I do have one person that I consider to be my very good friend and I am on good terms with everyone in my class. There is this girl in my class which doesn’t hang out with a lot of people and is usually alone. I cannot express how much I envy her. Of course, she hates it and is regularly trying to make new friends and d o fell bad for her.

The thought of doing what you want without having someone talk to and ask you questions everyday is pretty nice. Sometimes my parents worry about me but I don’t understand why, is it that hard for people to understand that you don’t have to be surrounded by people every single second of the day?

Opal J